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Every night in dozens of pubs in London (as well as several in the U.S. and Australia), our Quiz Masters are out there in the field, entertaining old players and enticing new ones, bringing their wisdom and humour through the age-old Quiz format, and – most important for you – filling otherwise empty pub tables on the traditionally “quiet” nights of the week. Our Quiz Nights provide an opportunity for friends to get together, have a few and try their hands at answering questions on a wide array of entertaining topics while sharing laughs as only our talented Quiz Hosts can provide. Oh, and did we mention there are cash or drinkable prizes to be had for the most clever quiz-goers?

Question One Quiz Nights transport your pub's patrons back to a time before smartphones and constant connectivity (which are banned during Quizzes, of course), when one had to use just their wits and the help of their friends to get by. We create real social networks, right in your favourite neighbourhood watering hole!

If you want your weekday to turn from empty to full of laughing quiz-goers, get in touch with us now to hear more about what Question One can do to fill your pub!


Every once in a while (depending on venue preference), we also hold tournaments that let the best of the best compete for an even larger pot. The winning teams from several Quiz Nights have the chance to face off in a Quiz where the stakes (and crowds) are larger, the pressure is on and only one team will walk away with the prize at the end of the month… until the next time!


At Question One we have a broad range of talents working as our Quiz Hosts, MCs and hosts with a wide range of experience in hosting and acting. Thus, we can provide hosts for different types of corporate events, awards ceremonies, weddings and so on. Just contact us to find out our rates for individual events and find the perfect host to make your night unforgettable for everyone!


In addition to Quiz Nights, we offer other hosted games such as traditional Bingo. Our games are hosted by a professional, resident eccentric MC who is an expert at working a crowd and keeping everyone entertained and laughing (and playing) throughout the night.

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