Will F
Tuesday Oct 8 @ 7 pm

For the first time ever, gruel is at the top of a list

Team "Don't Be Gruel" won the evening with 30 points, followed by team "Old Yeller Deserved To Live" with 26 points. Congratulations to all; it was a well-fought evening of laughter and jocularity. We learned that people still have strong feelings towards Old Yeller, the 'Cardboard Cathedral' is not, in fact, somewhere under a bridge in Detroit, and there's nothing fancier than a pigeon aficionado. Come on back next week for more shenanigans at the Bull And Bear Tavern, Tuesdays @7:30pm!

Will F
Tuesday Oct 1 @ 7 pm

Agumagu Spreads His Sheets

Team "Between The Spreadsheets" took home the win for this week's trivia with a whopping 38 points, but second place wasn't too far behind with team "Marvin Agumagu (Not So Secret Intern)" scoring 35 points, as well as snagging best team name. We learned that the Aztecs were remarkably good at naming trees, and realized that, yeah, now that you mention it, avocados do look kind of a lot like testicles. No matter which way you swing it, we had a blast and do hope you join us next time. Shout-out to Colin, our Rock-Paper-Scissors champion,...

Will F
Tuesday Sep 24 @ 7 pm

The Fifth of May in September

Huge congrats to team "Cinco De Drinko" for their win with 33 points, as well as our second-place winner, team "Winging It" It's always a good time at Trivia Night at the Bull And Bear Tavern, and tonight was no different. We learned that the ancient Romans had anus brushes, and that no one really knows what "Fatboy Slim" looks like. Join us next week for more shenanigans, 7:30pm at the Bull And Bear!

Will F
Tuesday Sep 17 @ 7 pm

Big Storms, Big Fun

It was a dark and stormy night. We had fun anyway. It was a blast, the few people that did show up REALLY wanted to play some trivia so we still had a great game with 13 people. We learned that there is actually no end to the things you can mix with Guinness and it still be somewhat drinkable, we learned that Rod Stewart isn't THAT old and that Thomas The Tank Engine has got some pretty disturbing implications to their world. Congrats to first place winners, "Imelda Makes Us Wet, as well as second...

Will F
Tuesday Sep 10 @ 7 pm

Free-Blowers blow themselves to victory!

Team "Free-Blowers" beat out the aptly named Team "Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory" with 25 points to their 23. Some evening highlights: Nobody wanted to stop singing The Longest Time by Billy Joel. A few of us heard for the first time that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us. We brainstormed alternative names for David Beckham's autobiography (Get Bent Like Me). We tried the elusive beverage known as "Black Velvet. " Good, not great. All in all, 'twas a memorable night of drinking, thinking, and general merrymaking. So, about par for the course...

Will F
Tuesday Sep 3 @ 7 pm

James and the giant lead

The Labor Day hangover kept many people away this night, but that didn't stop team "James is our protagonist" from dominating Trivia Night winning first place with 27 points. In second place we had team "Should've Pulled Out" with 24 points. We learned the Blue Tit's breast is yellow, and that no one gives a crap about the Met Gala. Join us next time for more brain stretchy!

Will F
Tuesday Aug 27 @ 7 pm

Anything is taxable these days

A hearty congratulations to team "Tax Dat A$$" who pulled out the win tonight with 34 points. In second place, team "Trying to set the Amazon on fire" with 32 points. We learned that my English is much better than my French (but still not great), and we have a lot of astronomy experts at the Bull And Bear. Join us Tuesday nights @ 7:30pm for your shot at winning some gift cards/the adoration and envy of your peers.

Will F
Tuesday Aug 20 @ 7 pm

"LIFO The Party" indeed

Team "LIFO The Party" took it away this Tuesday evening, winning first place in both rounds. In second place close behind was team "Thank God we're not in Nonksai." We learned it might be best to come at 7:30 and hear the rules first if you're a first-time player so a situation doesn't arise wherein you shout out the word "Sequoia" and the rules must be explained again. Can't fault the enthusiasm though.

Will F
Tuesday Aug 13 @ 7 pm

Back On Top

"The A Team" has snatched back the crown this week with a whopping 40 points, barely beating out our second place team "Three Balance Sheets In The Wind" who came up with 37 points. We learned that sometimes you really gotta stretch the bounds of grammar to figure out those cryptic clues, and this may be the wrong crowd to ask questions about the world cup (haha). In any case, we had a blast and I can't wait to see all of your smiling faces at next week's Question One Trivia, Tuesday @ 7:30pm at The...

Will F
Tuesday Aug 6 @ 7 pm

Going down in trivia history!

Our first place winner had the unfortunate luck of choosing that evening to name themselves "accuntis lingus," but congratulations nonetheless! Second place was a team of three that, although they called themselves "Clueless in a bar," proved to be anything but. Excited to finally start back with the modern quizzes next week! 7:30 @ the Bull And Bear Tavern.

Will F
Tuesday Jul 30 @ 7 pm

8 Heads Crowned Champs

It was a close one tonight, but in the end "8 Heads Are Better Than One" prevailed not only against our second place winner "The A Team," but against consistent numerical grammar as well. It is worth mentioning that "The A Team" has won the last several quizzes they've attended, so this is no small feat by our first place winners tonight, even if it did take 8 heads to do it. Join us next week for more fierce quizzing competition, or just chillax and go for best team name. 7:30pm @ The Bull And Bear!...

Will F
Tuesday Jul 23 @ 7 pm


A hearty congratulations to our first and second place teams "#SummerOfSuck" and "Hawaiian Shirts Rock." They both had 31 points and it came down to the tie-breaker question where #SummerOfSuck came out ahead. We learned that while it may in fact be possible to fit a quarter-bottle of champagne in a champagne flute, the actual name for a quarter-bottle of champagne is a Piccolo. Join us next time, 7:30pm at The Bull And Bear Tavern & Eatery for more fun, drinks, plus me being absolutely correct and completely infallible.

Will F
Tuesday Jul 16 @ 7 pm

The A Team: Somebody stop 'em!

The A Team dominates in every category except team name every time they show up, and tonight was no different. First prize went to them, with second place going to team Allie Gets Caned For Every Wrong Answer. Special shout-out to Mary-Ann for winning the longest game of Rock-Paper-Scissors ever, and a myriad of praises to team Fiscally Irresponsible for being the only team to know what a lemniscate is. Join us this Tuesday at 7:30pm at The Bull And Bear Tavern And Eatery for more trivia and good times. Plus, someone's gotta beat The A...

Will F
Tuesday Jul 9 @ 7 pm

Harry Potter maintains cultural relevance through weirdly suggestive team name!

After ending the first round in a three way tie, team "Put Your Hogwarts In My Quidditch" pulled out the win ahead of seven teams including our second place winners, team "Accounting On Losing." Our Rock-Paper-Scissors tournament had a rather enthusiastic participant named Crush who ended up being our champion and winning himself a free drink in the process. I was attractive and eloquent as usual, and definitely didn't screw up any french pronunciations. It was a grand old time. Join us next week!

Will F
Tuesday Jul 2 @ 7 pm

The A Team's plan comes together!

Congratulations to The A Team for coming from third at the half all the way to first place! Second place goes to The Magnificent 7. Shoutout to Jesse, our Rock-Paper-Scissors champion of the night, as well as best team name "3.14159 Go to The General and SAVE SOME TIME!" Join us next Tuesday at 7:30pm at the Bull and Bear Tavern & Eatery for another shot at free drinks, gift cards, and the admiration and adulation of your peers.

Will F
Tuesday Jun 25 @ 7 pm

Turns out, Michael Jackson jokes are still in!

Congratulations to team "'Michael I thought you said we were going to the NETHERlands' MJ: Hee hee!" for coming out one point ahead of "StarSailers like Astroglide" to seize victory from the jaws of defeat. Tonight we learned that the only state to start with a P is not Palifornia, and that a young Harrison Ford looks an awful lot like Mitt Romney. We laughed, we cried (not really), we drank, we quizzed. And it was the bomb-diggity.

Will F
Tuesday Jun 18 @ 7 pm

I'll Bam Bam Your Pebbles finishes over everyone!

In a disturbing turn of events, the team that chose the name "I'll Bam Bam Your Pebbles" on purpose emerged victorious from an initial tie with team "Sweden Will Lose On Thursday!" We learned that nothing beats scissors in our rock-paper-scissors tournament, but even so, scissors is not always the correct answer. Hope to see everyone back next week!

Will F
Tuesday Jun 11 @ 7 pm

Team 'Kahwi Didn't Toronto win?' Wins The Day

"Kahwi Didn't Toronto Win" balanced things out with a win of their own, with "the Good HALF" coming in a close second place with only half their usual team. Special shout-out to Best Team Name "Low Expectations" for exceeding their own expectations and landing solidly in the middle of the pack. So play trivia! You might just surprise yourself with how friggin' smart you are!

Katy S
Tuesday Jun 4 @ 7 pm

The Rain Couldn’t Stop Us!

Despite a quiet night (thanks to the lovely weather) we still managed to have a great time with some regulars and even a new team, Raggedy Ann! The quiz was a pretty rough one for everyone but nevertheless everyone persisted and we had some great laughs. Team Let It Rain, Let It Rain, Let It Rain consistently held first place all the way to the end with Team Invisible Team Name close behind! It was an exciting victory and a great break from the gloomy rainy day.

Will F
Tuesday May 28 @ 7 pm

'Chopped Liver & Gravy' Clean Up

It was close one this night, "Chopped Liver & Gravy" ended the first round in second place to "All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!" with a difference of one point. But by the end of the night, CL&G had pulled ahead to first place with 32 points to All Of Mine Are Too Dirrrty!'s 30. Best team name went to the team with a tenuous grasp on Latin grammar, "Carpe Diem Scrotus (Seize the day by the balls)," but they had to split snacks with the other team in snack position, "A Crap of Crocs." All...

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